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Eugen Tarnow


      Gender Pay Gap is Nothing Compared to the Gender MIT Admissions Gap

      Eugen G Tarnow  November 21 2018 04:08:18 AM
      According to Wikipedia the gender unadjusted pay ratio is 78% and the adjusted pay ratio is 88-93%.

      This is nothing compared to the gender admissions gap at MIT. The unadjusted admissions ratio is 42%!  The adjusted  admissions ratio, including only US applicants, is even less because the 10% international students tend to be overwhelmingly male. The doubly adjusted admissions ratio is probably even less because the female admissions ratio can be manipulated by affirmatively inviting more women applicants.

      While the gender pay gap affects young and old women alike, the gender MIT admissions gap affects young men at the most vulnerable time in their lives.

      Is this what we want to do?

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