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Eugen Tarnow


      Getting 3% growth by increasing the workforce: have fewer people go to college and abbreviate high school

      Eugen G Tarnow  June 25 2017 09:07:15 AM
      By Eugen Tarnow, Ph.D.
      Avalon Business Systems, Inc.

      Rex Nutting of MarketWatch wrote an opinion piece titled "Sorry, Mr. Trump, but the only way to get to 3% growth is to hire more Mexicans ".

      He stated that in order to get that 3% growth we would have to hire another 33 million workers of the next ten years.

      We can get there half-way by having companies stop insisting on college credentials that are not needed in the workplace.

      Today 20 million people are attending college.  If we cease being a "credentialist" society, and, over ten years, can get say 75% of college students working instead of studying, then we will get 15 million workers into the workplace.

      And think of how many fewer people would be burdened by those student loans...

      Another 25% of what is needed can be had by abbreviating high school (there are 15 million in high school at any one time). Much of what is studied there is not needed in the workplace either.  Cut two years off of high school and another 4 million workers can be added.

      As always, I reserve the right to be wrong...

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