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Eugen Tarnow


    How to stop the caravan

    Eugen G Tarnow  October 25 2018 06:50:47 PM
    It is easy to stop the caravan - just tell them what they can expect.

    1. If they are lucky they can make $15 per hour at Amazon. Their working life will be supervised by a computer using constant performance measurements. If they don't do well they will be fired. And, by the way, you cannot raise a family on $15 per hour. But then you may not want any kids - we already here certainly want fewer and fewer kids.

    2. If they come to New Jersey, car insurance is going to cost $1 per hour (I convert everything into hourly costs). They will be forced to buy health insurance at $10 per hour. That leaves $4 to live on. Did I mention an apartment is $7 per hour?

    3. If they drive a car, any tiny infraction will be caught by a computerized LPAR (license plate reader) and they may have to go to court to find out that their fine is extremely high. Then they will go through humiliation in front of 7 or 8 police officers, lawyers and a judge pleading guilty for the right to pay that high fine.
    4. If they want a better life for their kids and foolishly have them go to college, their kids will learn little that is relevant but they will have debts for the next 18 years. They will have signalled to the employers that they are ready for a better job and may make $20 per hour.

    5. If anyone thought they will get a vacation, Amazon offers one week per year. Other companies may offer one day after six months.

    They still want to come?

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