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Eugen Tarnow


      NJ Attorney General do nothing you say? At least they defend MVC against a records request

      Eugen G Tarnow  August 17 2019 09:26:01 AM
      In 2006 prosecutors wrote a memo about the opioids and the Sackler family.


      This memo is supposed to be very useful in the prosecution now. So the prosecutors did nothing for 13 years and 500,000 people died - is that surprising?

      NJ prosecutors never had much interest in the opioid crisis until recently. So for 20-30 years they did nothing. A slap on the hand of some doctors, that was it.

      One wonders why we have these prosecutors at all.

      I found out one reason a few months ago - they defend government agencies against open records requests. See the attachment.

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